Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Testimonial from Maureen Donlan at Amazing Faces

At first, I was hesitant to sign up with Fave because the company was so new, but the idea being proposed sounded fresh, appealing and if carried out properly, it could be the next big thing. Therefore, I decided to take my chances and commit to a year of advertising on www.getfave.com. Needless to say, the idea was carried out properly and then some. In October of ’07 Fave launched their website and my business took off. As a permanent makeup artist you have to be strategic when it comes to advertising, for the sake of your credibility. That is why Fave was so appealing to me.

Fave does not allow their site to be cluttered with outside testimonials. Other sites allow consumers, including my competition, to write reviews about my business. The public can literally control my business’s message. On Fave, I have the ability to control my business’s message through my customized video, web page and keywords on the site. Fave caters to their clients and consumers by keeping their site clean, relevant and professional.

Since being featured on the Fave website, my business has tripled. People call all the time inquiring about my services from having seen my advertisement on Fave. I have even lost weight because my appointment book is so full that I have no time to eat during the day! My web traffic has skyrocketed because of the click-throughs from the Fave site.

Fave is a hands on company with a very receptive team. From sales to creative, Fave holds your hand throughout the whole process. Their customer service department is attentive and reliable. I receive bi-monthly web traffic reports which are sent via email and hard-copy. It’s like my “Fave report card,” straight A’s every time!

I can confidently say that every business would find great value by being on Fave. The Internet is the best place to advertise for a company like mine because unlike print, radio or TV you can track your impressions and see exactly how your business has been impacted from your Fave advertisement. I will let my business speak for itself when I say the Internet is where consumers are looking-- and Fave has been able to capture my target audience with amazing accuracy.

Maureen Donlan
Amazing Faces and Allstar Nails
(312) 988 - 9484

Rolling out the Red Carpet

True to form, the close-knit community that is Fave came out in full-force as one our own, Dennis Doornbos premiered his first feature film, “Squeal” at the Music Box theatre in Lakeview last Friday.

The Neighborhood
My night began at Coobah for a much-needed dinner date with my girlfriend. It was my turn to choose the restaurant, so I looked up some spots on the site and found this funky little Latin place. The dim lighting, high energy vibe and amazing soundtrack—coupled with some delicious sangria and tilapia—made me look like an all-star boyfriend. Of course, the part of all-star boyfriend cannot be complete without the requisite window-shopping that goes along with “walking off dinner.” First stop was Click Shoes, where I watched Jac try on multiple pairs before deciding to wait for her birthday (subtle, given that it’s next weekend.) Next stop was M2, where I broke down and bought her a bracelet to, “go with her outfit”…don’t ask. Finally, we were ready to meet up with the Fave gang at Take Five, my honest-to-God favorite bar in Lincoln Park. (Why, you ask? Two words: Free. Wings.)

The Pre-Party and Premiere
As I’m relegated to guest-star status within the community that is Fave, I often find myself as something of a “double-agent,” especially when there is a potential blog involved. I’m there, but I’m also analyzing—gathering data, forming opinions, etc. To that end, my experience during Friday night’s pre-party at Take Five and movie premiere have led me to several conclusions about Fave, Chicago and “the-changing-of-the-guard” we are witnessing in the era of new technology.

The social dynamic in the company is unique, as a genuine camaraderie exists amongst the co-workers even after the proverbial clock is punched. It is encouraging to see employees relaxed and comfortable enough to socialize with their boss. Having grown up with “The Jetsons” and “The Simpsons” I always imagine the boss as, “the enemy”—the old guy that doesn’t “get” that part of being productive is enjoying your job. On the other end of the spectrum from Mr. Spacely and Mr. Burns are Jon and Jeff Seymour, co-founders of Fave, and the CEO and Chairman, respectively. They blend in with the crew seamlessly—cracking jokes, telling stories; so much so that I honestly forgot that I was talking to my girlfriend’s boss after about five minutes. I found the whole scene fascinating and hopeful; even (warning…melodrama ahead) inspiring to watch clients and fans of the company come out in droves to support local Chicago talent. At a quarter to midnight, Dennis rallied the troops and like a sheep-dog guiding the herd, corralled us from Take Five into the Music Box Theatre next door.

Dennis, the multi-talented mind behind your favorite videos on the site wrote, produced and starred in the picture (who am I, Robert Evans? It’s a movie). The horror movie focuses on a band of young musicians who become ensnared on the grounds of a mutant-pig-farmer-serial-killer (there’s a multi-hyphenate you don’t see everyday) and are forced to fight for their lives! The crowd cheered throughout the midnight showing, screaming in horror and laughing on cue, acting like the perfect sitcom studio audience.
Making Sense of it All

As I walked out of the Music Box Theatre and strolled down the street with my girlfriend, I began to ponder the significance of what I’d just seen. Not the mutant-pig-farmer-serial-killer, although that will be a staple of my nightmares for weeks to come, but rather the fusion of different generations and technology. The crowd for “Squeal” ranged from college age to retirees, yet everyone was able to enjoy the experience. They mingled at Take Five, discussing the presidential election, Chicago baseball, “Iron Man” and the economy. They ate wings and shared pitchers and found common ground in their varied perspectives. New technology often disregards certain generations in pursuit of the most profitable demographic. That’s why I like Fave (and no I’m not being paid to say that.) I like it because it takes a classic model (The Yellow Pages), fuses it with the medium du jour (YouTube-style videos) and puts it in an accessible package that is both entertaining and practical—something very few companies are able to pull off (Google Earth, anyone?)

The image of a young, hip film crew projecting their digital horror movie in the legendary and historic Music Box Theatre (one of the last “Movie Palaces” from the Silent Era), while successfully playing to a multigenerational audience is indicative of this convergence. This crowd “got it.” Fave “gets it.”

Do you?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome to the Fave blog!

Hey local searchers, glad you've discovered our product. I look forward to having you interact with us as part of our local business community!